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Our Students
Online Achievement
Student: Our Top Priority

ARK Educational Services believes that each child is a unique individual, and we have the privilege of guiding each student through his educational journey. Learning takes places in a vastly different world than it did even five years ago, and we have the flexibility and technology to keep up with this ever-escalating pace. Through the interaction students have with our excellent staff of experienced instructors, we have the ability to give the students enrolled in our programs a sense of achievement and empowerment. Their personal confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem often soar, carrying them forward into many segments of their lives.
All children learn in different ways and our programs allow for this individuality to flourish. The flexibility of our curriculum and delivery methods allows students to meet the academic expectations of our technologically advancing world.
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Our Instructors
Nothing But the Best
Instructors: An integral piece of the Puzzle

ARK Educational Services instructors are knowledgeable, committed, New Jersey state-certified educators who are passionate about teaching and learning. The one-to-one personal attention that each student receives is what sets ARK Educational Services apart from other online educational companies. Upon enrollment, each student is assigned an instructor to guide her through this educational journey. This same instructor will remain by each child’s side throughout her time with ARK Educational Services. Instructors will maintain regular contact with each student, family, and school district personnel, including teachers, guidance counselors, and school administrators, as designated by the school district. The curriculum of ARK Educational Services will match the curriculum of each school district as closely as possible. Grades, progress reports, and other necessary documentation are readily available and will be furnished in a timely manner to the appropriate entities.
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Parents & School Districts
Working Together
School Districts and Parents: A Vital Relationship
Love of learning is also strengthened by our close working relationship with students, parents, and school districts. It is imperative to maintain personal connections with all members of this three-way partnership if students are to be successful. Teachers, and especially parents, have valuable insights into their children and by maintaining open communication, students have a greater chance of excelling academically. School districts will find a seamless integration between their curriculum and the highly rated curriculum of ARK Educational Services. Each person employed by ARK Educational Services has experience working in this unique educational setting. The building and maintaining of relationships with teachers, guidance counselors, and school administrators is a source of immense pride. This allows for greater support to the student and ensures that the process is closely aligned with the curriculum and expectations of the school district.
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